Remembering Your Beloved Pet

At Hold You Close we understand the love and companionship that can be shared with your pet. We have loyal furry friends of our own and through the years have suffered their loss too. Our unique memorial jewelry and other art pieces provide a way for you to celebrate the life of your loyal buddy each day. Hold You Close creates memorial keepsakes that fuse a small portion of your pet’s cremains in a glass art piece giving you a beautiful memento that you can display at home, wear as jewelry or carry with you.

Any of our keepsake designs are available for pet memorials in addition to our four pet-specific designs. We also will work with you to develop a custom design.


Created with Care and Respect

We use the same care and respect creating memorial keepsakes with pet cremains as we do when creating memorial glass art for a human. When you send us the cremains, we begin the process. Specialty glass for each piece is conscientiously cut and arranged by hand to create a unique piece of art. A portion of your pet’s cremains are carefully layered between pieces of glass. Then, the assembled item is respectfully loaded into the kiln, where the glass and cremains fuse together.

Only a small quantity of cremains is required for each keepsake so you have the option of giving one to everyone who experienced the unconditional love of your pet.

Finished memorial jewelry and ‘nuggets’ will be delivered to you in an elegant blue velvet bag. Jewelry chains and fasteners are lead and nickel free.

We Do Custom Orders for Pets

Let Kymm and her team create a one-of-a-kind keepsake