How We Create Your Keepsake

Fused glass is a wonderfully expressive medium for memorial art. At its most basic, fused glass art is created when pieces of specialty glass are melted together in a kiln.

To create memorial keepsakes, we carefully and respectfully place a small portion of cremains between pieces of glass prior to placing them into the kiln. The glass and the cremains fuse together in the kiln. The result is preservation of the cremains within a unique and decorative remembrance piece.

Each piece is carefully designed and created, and thoughtfully packaged.

We can gift wrap your keepsake at no additional charge. Please let us know if this service is needed.


The process of making a keepsake

involves several steps after you have placed your order.

  1. We will send you in the mail a collection kit including detailed instructions for collecting and sending us the cremains you wish to include in your keepsake
  2. This kit will contain a small, disposable spoon for collecting cremains and a small ziplock bag in which to place them
  3. A prepaid, self-addressed white padded envelope will also be provided for you to easily return the cremains to us
  4. Once we have received your package, we will contact you by email to give you an estimated completion date for the final product
  5. You should receive your finished art in approximately three weeks unless other arrangements have been made

We Do Custom Orders

Let Kymm and her team create a one-of-a-kind keepsake